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Susu Meyer

Burst 40x40_edited.jpg
Spanish Daggar 50x40

About Me

I love the landscape.  I've lived in Texas my entire life, and continue to be amazed at the diversity of land, and the ever changing weather.  I love to make work that draws the viewer in, and gives one a chance to daydream. 

I continue to focus on the beauty around us, both the big picture and intimate details.  In addition to painting, I've been experimenting with printmaking more and more within the last 20 years, and feel that it helps me with my painting.  Moving back and forth between the two mediums helps to keep me engaged, seeking for the best translation of a particular idea or feeling.  


It is my hope that the process will bring the work to some sort of conclusion, and realize that there's a good bit of trust involved.  There's no formula, just a lot of experimentation and intuition.  

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Contact Us

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Foltz Fine Art

2143 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77098

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